SoCal…So Good

12 Mar

needed to reset my password AGAIN. sigh. i guess its been a really long time but i’m inspired to write more since i have turned to the darkside and bought a MACBOOK. i still need to get used to the scroll function which SUCKS

enough of the geek talk, lets talk about food. hiatus has given me loads of places to write about. my most recent food adventure was my trip to LA. i was literally there for 48 hours and i ate at 11 places – doesn’t sound too bad right?  now, some math. of the 48 hours, i slept for 14 hours so i was only awake to eat 34 hour meaning i ate every 3.09 hours. pretty good. doesn’t make me sound like too much of a heffa. check out my itinerary with pics:


@ 9:00pm: Fogo de Chao (Brazilian BBQ). i was so hungry i forgot to take pics of the buffet and all the meat on sticks. bummer.


@ 11:00am: Din Tai Fung

@ 1:30pm: Grilled Cheese Truck

@ 4:00pm: Cole’s Deli

@ 7:00pm: Sushi Gen

@ 8:30pm: Calbi Truck. I was in a food coma from Sushi Gen and completely forgot to take pics of the calbi tacos i had to eat.

@ 10:00pm: Dessert. Same comment as above


@ 10:30am: Buttermilk Truck

@11:00am: Ban Mai Truck

@  2:00pm: Father’s Office

@ 5:00pm: Yummy Cupcakes

TIFF is back and ready to eat. bring it.

Small Soup Dumplings (also called little nuggets of heaven)

Grilled Cheese Truck Signature Melt

Cole's Deli French Dip - Do you dip?

Sushi Gen Toro Nigiri

Buttermilk's French Toast Sticks

Ban Mai's Beef Spring Rolls

Father's Office Famous Hamburger


One Response to “SoCal…So Good”

  1. Nick March 25, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    So glad to see you didn’t starve to death.

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