Pit Stop: Crawdaddy’s

3 Sep

How far will I go for good food? Far! My cousin was craving crawfish/crawdads this weekend so I decided that I was craving it too. We ended up driving to San Jose to eat at Crawdaddy’s. Yes, there is a place in the city that serves crawfish but I really really love the broth that Crawdaddy prepares. So we trekked all the way down there – yes we are that crazy. We ordered 2 pounds of medium crawfish and 1 pound of medium shrimp with 4 sausages and 2 corn on the cob. They serve mild, medium, hot, and super hot. The medium will give you an inflated lip but it is so worth it. The mild doesn’t have too much flavor so buck it up and order the medium. Hot is just scary and I try to avoid it and my stomach and butt-hole has thanked me. Who’s your crawdadday? You are and I love you, sigh.


776 Story Road, San Jose, CA


ps. After Crawdaddy’s, we stopped by Café Grillades (http://www.cafegrillades.com/) in the Bayhill Shopping Mall in San Bruno for dessert. I ordered the pear crepe with nutella and almonds – topped with whip cream AND vanilla gelato (I seriously think I might have an eating (too much) disorder). My cousin ordered the strawberry crepe with crème fraiche and brown sugar. The brown sugar created a sweet crispy crepe – yummy.


2 Responses to “Pit Stop: Crawdaddy’s”

  1. reeg September 3, 2008 at 10:49 pm #

    dang i think i wanna go back there too! i’ll be your crawdaddy girl lol.

  2. tiffb September 4, 2008 at 8:12 pm #

    tiff! i love your blog!! my keyboard at work’s been destroyed because of all the drool drippin outta my mouth from reading your entries!

    cafe grillades, huh. love me some crepes – i’m so there.

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