Truck Stop, Not Pit Stop

5 Aug

since i worked on the truck, i got to eat a LOT of truck food. everyone always asks me which ones where my favorite. i never got sick of any of these trucks. below is my top 5 list.

5. Sam’s Chowder Mobile
4. 510 Burger
3. CupKates
2. Senor Sisig – Sisig Burrito with egg and fries
1. Kasa Indian Truck – Chicken Kati Roll


Mother Trucker No More

5 Aug

now that the truck isn’t part of my entire life, i can reflect on my experience. am i glad i took a chance and did something i’ve been wanting to do? ABSOLUTELY. would i do it again? MAYBE =) the grind and the endless stress was not fun but there were so many people that made it worthwhile and fulfilling. the A+ team (you know who you are) made it such an unforgettable experience of tears and laughter. i am eternally grateful for the support and love from all my friends and family.

Classy lady!


5 Aug

how many resurrections can a blog have? i’ve tried several times to be diligent about adding posts but its been a crazy year. starting and closing a truck was an adventure but being away from friends and family was taking its toll. we didn’t really have many foodies while i was on hiatus so i have A LOT to catch up on. i was definitely eating but only going to familiar places.

my new job has introduced me to an up and coming part of SF – dogpatch. in a few years, this area will be filled with yuppies and hipsters eating at the new “it” neighborhood.

so the blog posts shall commence….again. not sure where to start but be prepared for some diarrhea blogging. yes, i know, i paint with words.

Grub Station: Woodhouse Fish Co

12 May

Woodhouse Fish Co
1914 Fillmore Street

Love me some seafood. Can’t beat it when its super fresh. I ordered the ahi tuna burger – also known as the tuna ahi burger. I was a little surprised by the patty. For some reason, I thought it was going to be seared tuna steak but that was my bad. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, I was very pleased with my burger. The tuna patty was full of flavor and you could really taste the good quality of the fish. And you can’t go wrong with a side of fries. Next time, I’m going to get the artichoke salad with crab. A lot of diners ordered that and it looked delicious.

Mother Trucker

12 May

With the help of my friends and family, The Beast is alive!!! Although, it’s still a scary thought to think that this is going to be my life. I’m the cook, driver, cleaner, bookkeeper, prep cook, shopper, etc – all in a day! I think this is why people go to college – so they don’t have to work like a dog for no money. But i’m starting to get the hang of the new lifestyle. Waking up early, prepping, driving, cooking, cleaning will all eventually become muscle memory for me and won’t be too much of a grind. But the hardest part, is the constant stressing about the business side of things. My head never stops worrying/thinking about the truck. And the SF permit process has been such a drag. No matter how much patience I think I have, it’s never enough when dealing with the city. Mother trucker!!!!!
Much love to the all who came out to support me during our first weekend. You encouragement has kept me going. Love you all!!!!

Grub Station: Dumpling Kitchen

12 May

Dumpling Kitchen
1935 Taraval Street

Ok, I had incorrect de ja vu when I walked into this place. I swore that we had a foodie at Dumpling Kitchen before but I was wrong. Just looked the typical sunset Chinese restaurant. Of course, we ordered lots of dumplings and noodles and everything was really good. Particularly the chow mein noodles. The dumplings were standard but nothing like din tai fung. But no place up here compares to the best dumpling house ever. I really liked the cold sliced beef – good spicy flavor and very tender. Me likey.

La Fleur de Lyon

29 Apr

La Fleur de Lyon
Local farmer’s markets
(510) 233-1322

i had this delicious puff pastry about 3 years ago at an event on an organic farm in petaluma. and i never found anything as good. so when i found it at the alameda antique market, i became a giddy school girl. the owner guy is french so you know his puff pastry is amazing. i had the ham and cheese and was very very happy. if you are ever visit east bay farmer’s markets, you have to try these.

Ham and Cheese (left) and Spinach and Feta (right)